Justice Centre,

Project data:

Building Owner: Staatsbetrieb Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement (SIB)
Beauftragung nach VOF-Verfahren

In the immediate vicinity of the district court, at Bernhard-Göring-Straße 64, a new department of public prosecution is to be set up, followed by a complex accommodating the labour, social and administrative courts. The actual demolition of the old buildings is the starting signal for this project.
The Free State of Saxony invests almost 32.6 million euros in the construction of the new department of public prosecution, said Petra Brommer, press officer of the Staatsbetrieb Sächsisches Immobilien- und Baumanagement (SIB), to LVZ upon inquiry. The preparatory work for this project has now begun. Garages on Bernhard-Göring-Straße have been demolished for the future construction container site; in addition, an old building in the huge inner courtyard of the district court had to make way this week. The overall project includes not only the reconstruction respectively repair of the listed buildings, but also a new connecting building on the site of the former prisons. This will provide a total of 8,800 m² of usable space for the department of public prosecution. A memorial making reference to the former GDR execution site is to be set up in a part of the building. Planning is carried out by kister scheithauer gross.