MPI for ethnological research,

The former manufacturer’s mansion with its extensions is set in a lavish park right in the middle of a residential Gründerzeit area . The listed building is a Solitaire and required a special approach for the new building. Consequentially, the new institute building is also defined as a mansion while integrated modestly into the existing urban structure. The cubic building opens itself with floor to ceiling windows towards the original mansion and park. Overhanging structural roof slabs made from black exposed concrete interfere the glass façade, which gives a much lighter impression.

Project data:

Building Owner: Frankonia Eurobau AG & Co. KG
GFA: 4.000 m²
Dates: 1999 – 2001
direct commission

Another emphasis within the building is the transition between old and new. The new design uses modern materials in shades of grey while the existing mansion consists of wall panels applying earthy tones. That way, the floral patterns discreetly emerge out of the grey-black backgrounds. The connection between mansion, new library and office building is used as cafe and main entrance and as such forms the integral part of the overall institute.