Translation Center
for Regenerative Medicine,

The former Gynaecological Clinic in the south-east of Leipzig has been successfully redeveloped, converted and extended under the management of ksg and re-opened in 2012 as a Translation Center for Regenerative medicine. Construction work comprised the six levels of the old building and the two-level OP wing. Translation, the direct translation of research results into medical application, generates a complex building type. Research areas and offices have to be coordinated so that all hygienic and lab-related requirements are fulfilled. This special typology was realized for the first time in an existing listed building in the Translation Center for Regenerative Medicine.

Building Owner: Free State of Saxony, Saxony State Ministry of Finance, SIB Branch Leipzig II

VOF procedure 2007

Together with scientists, ksg developed a specific building control system. Abstract body cells illustrate the working processes and routes in the building, as a graphic element. In addition, a color concept comprising various flooring colors serves as orientation to the new rooms. The center now has more than 4000 m² floor space.