Community centre,

Project data:

Building Owner: Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Bayreuth Beauftragung nach VgV-Verfahren

After the construction of the new mikvah and the restructuring of the synagogue in the 1st and 2nd construction phase, the Jewish Community Bayreuth planned the construction of a Jewish education and cultural centre on Münzgasse in Bayreuth. The refurbishment and conversion of the listed property Münzgasse 9 into a community centre of the Jewish Community Bayreuth shall now follow in the third building phase. This third building stage was the subject of a procurement procedure according to VgV, in which kister scheithauer gross successfully asserted themselves. The services are being performed since the awarding of the contract in December 2016 and will continue until completion, which is scheduled for January 2020.