City Archive,

The building, originally build in 1884 as a Sparkassen bank building, has been in desolate condition. The old building has been renovated and extended by a new warehouse building as part of an investor’s competition for the historic market place.

Project Data:

Building Owner: Frankonia Eurobau AG & Co. KG
1st prize Investors competition 1999


Deutscher Natursteinpreis 2009
Awarded for the Architecture Prize Sachsen-Anhalt 2007

Since then, the unique new building is used as an archive. As a result, the spatial situation of the old building has been improved: The archive administration obtained new offices and attractive reading rooms have been created. Alongside the improvement of the climate in the building the subsequent operating costs could be minimised. The so-called ‘Cologne Model’, a newly developed climate concept, does not require expensive full air conditioning. The required internal climate is achieved solely by the wall construction and natural, but controlled air conditioning through hinged openings.

The facade of the old building is kept in its original condition. The material of the new building – shell limestone – is based on that of the market place buildings. Brick inlays in the ventilation openings form a rhythmic facade and the ochre coloured clay sets a link to the main building and the historic town centre.