Refurbishing the distinctive façade of the “Blau-Gold-Haus”, which is located on the square opposite the Cologne Cathedral, in keeping with monument preservation aspects demanded a renovation concept that would meet current demands on thermal insulation, safety and technology and simultaneously preserve respectively restore the eponymous appearance.

Project Data:
Building Owner: Lammerting Immobilien GmbH

Exceptional award of the Federal Ministry of Transport,
Building and Urban Development – Blau-Gold-Haus, Cologne, 2012

Built in the 1950s by architect Wilhelm Koep for 4711 (eau de cologne), the steel-skeleton structure was placed under a preservation order in 1991 after several restorations. At that time, the glass-aluminium curtain wall façade with its decorative design no longer corresponded to the original design. Only the vertical luminous strips as well as the ground floor zone were still maintained in their original condition and should according to the authority for the protection of monuments not be modified.

When conducting comprehensive research, ksg prepared a historic analysis and made the original 1950s façade with its by far greater attention to detailing the general principle of the refurbishment. In this process, the profiling of the original wooden pivoting windows was transferred to aluminium, the material used in the 1970s.

Today, the Blau-Gold-Haus accommodates 41 new suites and luxury apartments of the adjoining Dom Hotel.

Before the transformation