University “An der Karlsburg”,
Bremerhaven, 6th phase

The new institute building, which is situated directly adjacent to the 5th construction stage finished in 2005, will complete the ensemble of brickwork. In the future, the extension of the university will accommodate the faculties Maritime Technology, Integrated Safety and Security Management, Bioanalytics and Computer Science.

Project data:

Joint venture with Architects BDA Feldschnieders+Kister
Building Owner: City of Bremen
Senator for Education and Science
GFA: 4.850 m²
Dates: 2007 – 2011
1st prize realisation competition 2007

DAM Price for architecture in Germany 2012 – Finalist
BDA-Preis Bremen 2014 – honorable mention

A university campus stretches out between the two buildings. Lavish, open staircases invite as much to linger in the courtyard as to enter the institute. In form and materiality the new building subordinates itself to the existing building. Minor new interpretations such as the colour of the bricks emphasise the autonomy as well as the sculptural character of the complex as a whole.