Paulus Church and community
centre, Cologne-Porz

One of the archetypical types of building – a rotunda – memorably embodies the idea of Christian fellowship and transforms the apparently random site of the building into a place within the town planning development.

Project data:

Building Owner: Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Porz
GFA: 695 m²
Costs: 1 Mio €
Dates: 1997 – 2003
1st Prize Implementation competition 1997

The actual church hall is planned in form of a quarter circle. Folding partition walls allow it to be extended into a community hall. Easy to open windows in the large community room enable it to be used as a gallery during church services. The curved wall behind the altar is made out of white limed wood, the floor and the specially designed church chairs out of black oak set an interesting contrast to the rough fairfaced concrete walls.