Synagogue, Ulm

The old Synagogue has been based at the Weinhof in the City of Ulm up until 1938, when it got destroyed by the Nazis. The new synagogue building will integrate itself into the overall picture without changing the unique character of the site of this highly sensitive location, in close proximity to the Schwoerhaus in Ulm. The detached position of the structure dictates the challenges of the construction task.

Project Data:

Building Owner:  Israelite Religious Community Wuerttemberg 

1. Prize Competition 2009

Winner of the nationwide competition “Excellent places in the Land of ideas 2013/14”

Yohan Zerdoun, Christian Richters

The synagogue has no structural border and is integrated into the existing square with only limited intrusion. The monument reminding of the Progrom Night finds its place in a wall recess. The eastern orientation and the fine window relief point to the inside of the synagogue. The main room is clad with cedar wood and lighted additionally via the zenith: A place of shelter.

The synagogue is located on the ground floor of the building and can hold about 140 people. A multi-purpose room is planned for the 1st floor, which is planned to be used for celebrations and meetings. The women’s gallery is also located on 1st floor. Further rooms are assembled in L-shape along these halls: training and administrative rooms as well as rooms for a day-care nursery. The outside playground is enclosed on all sides, blocking off all the city’s distractions, turning the synagogue’s roof into an place of peace. The changing scenery of sun, sky and clouds determine the setting and reflect the time of day and year.