University Campus
IWZ Cologne

From 15 remaining projects in the second phase of the urban development competition for the re-organization of the FH Campus in Cologne-Deutz, the draft prepared by ksg with the Studio of Loidl Landscape Designers is selected and wins first prize. In close coordination with the Cologne University of Applied Science and the City of Cologne, the BLB Cologne, as principal, organized a two-phase restricted urban development open space plan competition. The objective of the competition was to prepare urban foundations for the development of the IWZ of the FH Cologne as a future-oriented, attractive university location.

Project data:

Client: BLB NRW Cologne
Dates: 2012 – 2020

On Monday 05. November 2012  a jury consisting of 18 members led by Prof. Albert Speer announced its decision for the competition and declared ksg with Loidl as winners

Prof. Johannes Kister formulates the basic idea of his plan as “Core and Surrounding“. A green area is located at the center of the campus around which the science city with its faculty buildings, refectory and library spread out and interlink with the surrounding city. “The urban figure describes a compact core with the internal organization of a science city, surrounded by a green belt which creates street walls and provides links”, says Kister. Speer also sees the attraction of the draft in that it gives the FH “an address” and integrates it into its environment.