Gerling area,

The Gerling area with its 4.6 hectares forms its own cosmos in the middle of Cologne’s City Centre. Not secluded, yet not inviting either, the insurance company’s headquarter, which is partly listed, mainly functions as a representative building and has been left almost untouched for many decades. With the Gerling Company moving out a conversion and re-densification into an urban residential and commercial area will take place.

Project Data:
Building Owner: IMMOFINANZ AG, Wien
1st prize competition 2007

The master plan combines several principles into an urban strategy: The individuality of the architecture – the play of heights and depths and also the urban character of stone and volume – will be retained. All buildings of key importance for the existing substance will be retained, so that the Gerling area will continue to be a landmark of Cologne. At the same time one aims extend the existing area of 127,000 sqm area by an additional approximately 18,000 sqm. The aim beyond the densification from sides of the urban planning is to create new, experiential spaces within the city.