Multi-storey car park
Pressehaus, Bremen

The key requirements of a multi-storey car park façade are distinguished by economical and sustainable factors. It is for those reasons an open, two-with tiles structure has been carried out. It ensures a large, open cross section and thus a natural air conditioning without complex technical efforts. A specially developed elongated tile (50 cm) is set within a straight course of stretchers. The following binder consists of 24 cm large sneck, the gaps of which are providing the necessary portion of the façade to be open.

Project Data:
Building Owner: BIG Bremer Investitionsgesellschaft mbH

Nomination “Fritz-Höger-Preis 2011 für Backstein-Architektur”

The horizontal forces of wind and obliquity are transferred into the building through the façade columns; there is no need for common panel anchors in this construction. The façade columns consist of U-shell tiles, filled with reinforced concrete and thus, able to carry the loads. All tiles – standard brick, U-shells and shaped bricks – have been especially developed and produced by ksg and the ABC-Klinkerwerke. Each stone has been marked, precisely measured and then laid with mortal as usual. To create a homogeneous, extensive appearance mortal and tile are of the same colour.