In the eastern part of the centrally located HafenCity, the “Am Lohsepark” Quarter is currently under construction. In the southwestern part of this area, Site 72 is located in a prominent and well-visible location at the corner of Shanghaiallee and Überseeallee. On the 3,754m² site, a building with a gross floor area of 20,675 m² for hotel and residential uses is implemented according to the utilization concept of the project community. As winner of the competition for the hotel, ksg was award the contract for the planning in 2014. “The basic approach of our design consists of constants and variables“, explains Johannes Kister. “Constants are the material quality of the red-violet facing brick and a façade structure of columns and protruding wall sections, whereas the adaptation of the structure in terms of the hotel rooms is variable. That way, the stacking of rooms creates tectonics of the façade.“

Project data:

Building owner: PANTA 145 Grundstücksgesellschaft
m.b.H & Co. KG
represented by : ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b. H & Co. KG
GFA: 13.724 m²
Dates: 2014 – 2018

Awards: IF AWARD, Winner, 2020

Photos: HGEsch

Especially the rhythm of the columns lends the building the aura of a hotel. This is particularly obvious in the room axes, where next to a large window with fixed glazing two vertical columns of identical width will be positioned, which make the function as a hotel recognisable in a subtle way. This basic rhythm per zoom axis is as a theme reflected in the façade composition in a horizontal direction and vertically structured in the height of the façade. This design results in wall sections showing a distinctive tectonic structuring. The 40cm offset in the façade alignment becomes the theme for the design of the building corner. Due to the sculptural relief effect of the “loggia façade”, which is formed by the structural quality of the exaggerated attics, the “inclined” sections of the building block gains an architectural formulation. “The emphasis on the corners arising from the structure characterises the position of the hotel on Überseeallee with a prestigious and likewise unconventional façade, which very naturally appears as a hotel”, summaries Johannes Kister.

Following the surrounding buildings in the HafenCity, the façade is clad with red-violet closers, while the windows of the hotel rooms on the upper levels are laid out as plastic system windows. In the ground floor zone, the division and height of the post-and-beam façades reflect the two-storey layout of the – partly public – uses located behind. The courtyard façade repeats the relief-like structure in the form of a thermal insulation composite system using plaster.