House 3,

Approximately 50,000 people with a handicap are living in the city of Leipzig, 44 of them are living in „Haus 3/Residence 3″, one of three new buildings that accommodate people with mental and multiple handicaps. Located in the heart of the Leipzig district of Paunsdorf on the land of a former pub in a residential area, the recently finished house responds to the exposed location with two yards which open out towards the environment and offer shelter at the same time.

Project Data:

Building Owner: City of Leipzig

Indoors, the building has 44 places, 20 of which are suitable for people in wheelchairs. The places are furnished in six apartments, each with a joint, open live-in kitchen as the center, a group room, and the necessary wet rooms. The façade design of the new building brings the aspect of living into the city, and it combines individual recognizability with the joint architectonical style of the surrounding pre-fabricated housing area.