A red cube constitutes the extension building of the Virology Institute at the Philips University. The build-ing is connected via a white bridge and is used for virological research with its BSL4 laboratory.

Project Data:

Building Owner: Philipps-Universität Marburg represented by the Hessian Construction Management, Marburg
Commission according to VOF- proceedings

Besides its compact form and the highly engineered utilization of the new building it also stands out in terms of its design. It stands freely as a solitaire, reminding of an ‘engeneering sculpture’. An auburn, metal-lic skin seamlessly seems to infold the entire building. Reduced, horizontally and vertically positioned win-dow bands are set flush within the façade, underlining the monolithic appearance.

Enlargements of the renowned Marburg-Virus are engraved on broad sheets of aluminium using screen-printing techniques. The texture clads the entire façade, setting Marburg’s Science an architectural landmark.