Laboratory NGP²,
RWTH Aachen

The RWTH Aachen University is planning to build an extension of their Melaten Campus in close proximity to the University Hospital. It will become the research complex of the so called Center for Next Generation Processes and Products ((NGP²). This new built of an office, laboratory and technology complex hosts six departments of Aachen’s Process Engineering Faculty.

Project Data:

Building Owner: BLB NRW
1st prize, competition for realisation in 2010

The curved site on one hand and the rectangular functionality of the laboratories on the other are resolved by the design. Two rifts allow for a curvature, which fulfil both requirements – the urban master plan as well as the functional logic and structural merits. The two central courtyards, which are used as entrance and for delivery, divide the complex into a series of interlinked volumes. Two inscribed courtyards enable the lighting and ventilation of the deep building parts.