New natural sciences
building at the
University of Bremen

Project data:

Building Owner: Freie Hansestadt Bremen, vertreten durch die Senatorin für Wissenschaft, Gesundheit und Verbraucherschutz Beauftragung nach Verhandlungsverfahren

The University of Bremen will receive a new laboratory, teaching and office building for the Department of Biology. The brief demanded a systematic, modular, flexible and structured new building that meets the requirements of modern biology. In the competition, the design of a concise front section by kister scheithauer gross (ksg) convinced the jury. Construction work is due to commence in 2018 and completion is scheduled for 2020. “Our design is conceptually explained by the ties between the task and the location,” explains Johannes Kister, the originator of the design. The design develops a typological answer from the first connection of the project task as the organisation of laboratory modules. A further connection of the location is the material of the design regulations. A selected light red-beige brick with closed joints adds a refreshing contrast to the dark-coloured bricks of the surroundings and retains its independence. “The building, which is based on an internal organisation, is nevertheless capable of addressing the urban planning situation and developing a significant independence which symbolically conveys the university’s use as a research building to the urban space,” Kister continues.